Democrat & Republican agree Rauner shouldn’t mix policy with appropriations

Illinois is two and a half months into the new fiscal year without a budget.

Democrats now seem to be trying to push through what they want piece by piece with their majorities.

Of course, Republicans don’t like it.

It seems that all is fair in love, war and politics.

However, former Republican Iowa State Representative David Millage disagrees. He says lawmakers and governors should not abuse their positions of power.

Millage says the problem in Illinois is that a policy fight is being mixed with appropriations. He says that shouldn’t happen.

Despite being a Republican, Millage says Governor Bruce rauner is wrong in this case. Democratic attorney Michael Halpin agrees.

Millage, who is now currently an attorney in the Quad Cities, and Halpin also agree on the court’s role in Illinois’ problem.

Both believe the court has exacerbated the situation by ordering the cash to keep flowing from the state.

By doing that, lawmakers and the governor aren’t pressured to resolve their budget differences.

There is no actual government shutdown or even a threat of one.

That provides little incentive to do anything.

Halpin believes the Democrats will win out in the end basically because they have the numbers and can wait out the governor.

Millage says there will be no winners.