Halpin: Rauner’s State of the State Address Again Shows Out-of-Touch Governor is Obsessed with Destroying Middle-Class

Democratic state representative candidate Mike Halpin came out swinging Wednesday afternoon following Gov. Bruce Rauner’s State of the State address at the state capital.  Halpin issued the following statement following the governor’s speech:

“Today’s speech by Governor Rauner perfectly illustrates why Illinois is in a dire situation. Either the governor is blind to the devastation he is causing across Illinois or he simply doesn’t care. It is absolutely shameful for the governor to not acknowledge the harm being done by the budget impasse across the state and here in the Quad Cities.

“Over the past several months, many organizations that help battered women, homeless veterans, senior citizens, disabled children, cancer patients and rape victims have been left out to dry as the governor plots his next attack on the middle-class.  Governor Rauner could have used today as a springboard for new efforts to craft a responsible budget that closes corporate loopholes and eliminates wasteful spending while protecting middle-class taxpayers.  Instead, he tried to convince Illinoisans to abandon their principles and adopt his right-wing, Tea Party agenda.

“There is no doubt that the state of Illinois has significant financial problems.  But the hard-working men and women of the Quad Cities should not have to bear the brunt of decades of mismanagement from crooked governors, career politicians, and out-of-touch billionaires.”

“I learned a lot of things from my time working with Congressman Lane Evans—like if you see something that isn’t right, it is your obligation to get to work and fix it.  That’s why I am running for state representative.  I see the irreparable harm Governor Rauner is doing to Illinois’ families, and I love my community too much to sit idly by and watch him bring us down.”