Economic Development

economic-developmentEncourage sustainable economic development in the Illinois Quad Cities. I will bring state investment to infrastructure projects that will enable the Illinois Quad Cities to attract new business and expand those businesses and institutions already here, including Western Illinois University.

Move Forward

move-forwardTurn back Rauner’s extreme agenda that pits working people against each other and is holding our state budget and needed services hostage. I will reject any efforts to weaken workers’ ability to bargain collectively and fight for fair wages and working conditions. Middle-class families are under attack by politicians in Springfield with dangerous agendas. But together, we can defeat the politicians’ reckless plans and ensure that the voices of local middle-class families, elderly residents, victims of child abuse, veterans are heard and their rights are protected.


voices-heardReject “politics as usual”. My candidacy will give local voters the chance to reject insider politics, choose their elected officials and end the practice of passing political offices down to family members. I am not part of any political family. I am guided only by my own conscience and the will of the voters.

Income Inequality

raise-wagesRaise the Minimum Wage. Wages have been stagnant for decades, while income inequality continues to increase. Nearly 60% of Rock Island County voters support raising the minimum wage, and I will do what it takes to give Illinois workers a raise.